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Win Fit – Win-fit glucosamine 30tablets




To improve mobility and prevent injuries, it’s important to slow down the wear of the joints and to maintain its lubricity and flexibility.

Aging, excess weight and impact sports, are some of the main causes of cartilage’s wear, leading to decreased mobility, muscle rigidity and in many cases injuries.

Win-fit Glucosamine

Effective formulation that strengthens your joints:

◢ Type II Collagen , Glucosamine and chondroitin extracts  
Necessary for cartilage regeneration and to increase joint flexibility and lubrication

◢ MSM 
Combined with glucosamine and chondroitin, reduces joint discomfort.

◢ Ginger and rosehip extracts 
Anti-inflammatory action.

◢ Vitamin C, vitamin D, manganese, zinc and copper  
Important for collagen production, muscle and bone function and for cartilage protection.

◢ Vitamin E, selenium, zinc and folic acid
Due to their antioxidant properties, help protect cartilage.


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