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Win Fit – Sport food supplement for athletes 60tablets




An athlete, amateur or professional has increased nutritional needs due to increased energy expenditure and a faster metabolism, so they should take special care before, during and after training or competition.

Both during the practice of a sport as during daily exercise, the energy present determines the layout and training efficiency.

The stress related to inadequate nutrition, lack of hydration and lack of rest may be the cause of lack of energy and stamina, poor recovery and even muscle injuries.

Win-fit Sport provides increased energy, improved performance, faster recovery, increased muscle mass and enhances the fat mass loss.

Win-fit Sport – Adequate composition, improved performance!

⚽ Aminoacids (isoleucine, leucine and valine)  
Important for the production of energy and in muscle recovery after training.

🎾 Ginseng  
Natural energizer, which fights the physical effects of stress.

🏀 Ginkgo biloba   
Improves blood circulation and physical performance.

⚾ Alpha lipoic acid (ALA) 
Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties protect athletes during physical exercise and stimulate recovery. ALA also participates in the metabolism of carbohydrates, lowering blood sugar levels, which constitutes an advantage for people who wish to lose weight.

🎯 375mg of Magnesium (100% DRA) 
Participates in the production of energy and contributes to reduce fatigue, weariness, muscle fatigue and cramps.

⛳ Co-enzyme Q10
Essential for the production of energy and for the reduction of oxidative stress induced by intense physical exercise.


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