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Vitacelsia – Plus q10 multivitamin box 60pills




Vitacélsia Plus Q10 is a multivitamin containing 22 important nutrients to ensure the maintenance of the well-being of the organism.

Helps to supply the essential nutrients, including some of the important components: magnesium, coenzyme Q10 and lutein.

Essential supplement in all situations of lack of minerals and vitamins.

The composition are rich in:

Magnesium- helps in the production of energy, muscle contraction, formation of teeth and bones and heart rate regulation. The lack of magnesium causes fatigue, cramps, weakness, loss of appetite and nausea;

Co-enzyme Q10-essential part of the metabolism of the cells, acting also as a potent antioxidant;

Lutein antioxidant, which is deposited in retina and macula, protecting the tissues from oxidation when filtering blue light and neutralize free radicals. Lutein is not synthesized by our body, and your essential contribution by feeding or through supplements.


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