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Vichy – Homme sensi shave anti-irritation shaving foam 200ml




For sensitive or troubled skin of men (ingrown hairs, razor bumps from shaving), redness or irritation after shaving!

An exceptional repair, even in the most sensitive skin!

Shaving cream Anti-irritation, the combination of Calcium, Vitamin C and Salicylic acid prevents the heating that can result from shaving!
Preserves hydrolipidic film avoiding cutaneous sensations of friction and irritation.
The skin is hydrated and protected in depth!

It’s formula that won’t dry, protects and cleanses your skin!

Leaves skin comfortable: 87%;
Prevents the heating: 73% and protects friction: 80%;
Moisturized skin: 73%;
Purified skin: 80%;
Auto-evaluations carried out in 15 men.


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