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Smoothing cream with salicylic acid – CeraVe




The skin grain is refined, and it stays hydrated for longer!

The Smoothing cream with salicylic acid from CeraVe allies exfoliating, humectant and emollient ingredient; eliminating dead skin cells while reinforcing the skin barrier.

A rich and enveloping texture that leaves no residue, and it’s suitable for body and face!

The 10%urea joins salicylic ccid, both with exfoliating action, for a moisturizing Exfoliation.

This cream protects the skin barrier thanks to the exclusive multivesicular emulsion technology (EMV), which consists in a system of concentric vesicles, whose aqueous phases contain glycerin and hyaluronic acid, while the oily phases carry ceramidescholesterolfitosfingosina and fatty acids. This way, the active ingredients are slowly released, restoring the skin barrier function in an immediate but continued manner.

Ideal for skin with psoriasis, eczema or keratosis pilaris.

Non-comedogenic and without perfume.

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