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Paranix – Paranix treatment spray against lice and nits 100ml + comb




Paranix has developed a double-acting mechanical formula of dehydration and asphyxiation, eliminating 100% of lice and nits!

Eliminates lice in just 15 minutes !!!

No odor and easy vaporization, no fuss or difficulties and unlike other non-insecticide treatments, it is not necessary to leave overnight to achieve 100% efficacy.

Paranix products do not contain insecticides, and thanks to their exclusively mechanical action lice do not develop any resistance to treatment.

Fundamental rules for treatment success: use enough product and comb your hair thoroughly to ensure that all lice and nits are removed.


The application of the Paranix Treatment Spray should be repeated after 7 days!
After 7 days, check the hair again.
Repeat the treatment with Paranix Spray to ensure that the lice cycle is completely finished.


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