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Nailner – Nail polish treat and color 2x5ml


Nailner – treat and color



Nailner Treat & Color is a kit that combines an antifungal treatment nail polish with a breathable nail polish for healthy and beautiful nails all year round.

Clinically proven for the treatment and prevention of fungal infection of the nails!

This kit includes:

  1. Nailner antifungal brush that fights fungal infection in three ways:
  • Nail impregnation: The ingredients penetrate the nail completely and fight the fungus at it’s core;
  • Removal of the infection: by decreasing the pH of the nail, Nailner restores it’s healthy environment and kills the fungus;
  • Prevention of a new infection: Nailner protects the new nail from infection when applied daily as maintenance.

2. Nailner breathable nail polish

  • Disguises unaesthetic damage caused by fungal infection with an attractive natural color. It’s the ideal solution for using open shoes. This breathable formula can be used on all nails, infected or healthy.


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