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Mesoestetic – Grascontrol l-carnitina weight managment 20x5ml




L-carnitine is an amino acid that intervenes in the metabolism of fatty acids, acting as specific carrier of these acids into the mitochondria where they are processed, resulting in this oxidation process power.

Mesoestetic Laboratories developed a food supplement which that seeks to promote energy expense by the body, to decrease the appetite for sweets leading to reduced consumption of sugar, and improving muscle tone, especially when associated with the practice of physical exercise: Grascontrol L-Carnitine.

A natural food supplement that promotes healthy weight management

This supplement facilitates the transport of fatty acids into the cells, to be transformed into energy.

Mobilizes the fat stored in the tissues and allows its proper use by cells in the energy metabolism.

Totally safe and without contraindications, Grascontrol L-carnitine is suitable for all types of diets, especially for low-calorie diets and athletes or physical exercise practicing given benefit particularly with this energy increase.


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