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Karin Herzog – Tonic lotion 200ml


Karin Herzog – Tonic lotion



Karin Herzog Tonic Lotion is a ultra-refreshing lotion with floral waters unscented!

This lotion dissolves the thin layer of crystals left by the water on the surface of the skin, thus reducing the possibility of sensitivity reactions and risks of allergies.

Removes all traces of cleaning milks, allowing the skin to stay really clean.

Composed with pure water, this lotion is also formulated with 3% alcohol, essential to preserve the quantity of water in the formulation without adding preservatives to the formulation.

This concentration of alcohol does not dry the skin, and owning two advantages:

dissolves the limestone crystals, which derive from the cleanser with water, that are deposited in the pores, clogging them;
gives antiseptic action, limiting the skin irritations.
This Tonic Lotion restores the pH of the skin and prepares it for oxygenation.

Is really the ideal tonic for any skin type.


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