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Homme structure force anti-aging cream – Vichy


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Act on the 4 clinical signs of skin aging; thus strengthening and revitalizing your skin!

The Homme structure force anti aging cream combines powerful natural assets, capable of providing more firmness, tonicity and consistency to your complexion.

A multi-functional moisturizer; to take care of your face quickly and enjoyable!

The effectiveness of this cream due to its active ingredients:

  • AHA, from fruit; and which allow a gradual skin exfoliation;
  • Hyaluronic Acid, which attracts water to the skin surface, filling it immediately;
  • Silicon, which strengthens the skin architecture, providing you with density and firmness;
  • Mineralising Vichy Water, with trace elements essential for the proper functioning cell phone.

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anti-aging cream 50ml, 50ml + mineral 89 10ml+gel ha 50ml


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