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Frezyderm – Sun screen velvet second skin technology spf50 50ml


Frezyderm – Sun screen velvet second skin technology spf50

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Usually the sunscreens available in the market are not well accepted due to their cosmetic features and their sensory effect.

Commonly the application of sunscreens is associated with a sticky feeling, whitish effect, difficult application, reducing the skin comfort and inconvenience.

As a consequence, the need to improve the sun protection as well as the textures, inspired Frezyderm for the creation and development of the line:

  • Sun Screen Velvet Second Skin Technology!

Anhydrous sunscreens with advanced technology and high quality, with silky finish effect.

The Frezyderm sunscreens, developed with “Second Skin” technology, aims to reduce the negative effects resulting from excessive, prolonged and the daily sun exposure, protecting the skin from sunburn, cellular changes, photoaging, mutations, and photo-induced immunosuppression.

Are formulated with photostable filters and active ingredients specially designed to protect and repair DNA damage. Protect the stem cells and also comply with the regulatory standards for UVB/UVA 3:1.

Are applied directly on the skin, creating an invisible shield that does not penetrate, thus preventing water loss and consequent dehydration.

Their pleasant textures and its matifying velvety finish associated with the soft-focus effect disguise the wrinkles and uneven skin texture, ensuring effective protection and a nice finish on the skin.

Ideal for all skin types and all ages.

Available in two presentations:

  • without color, ideal as makeup primer
  • with color, natural color pigments with a slight coverage that avoid the effect “white mask”


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