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EarClin – earClin 3 in 1 spray 20ml


EarClin – Earclin 3 in 1 spray



Cleans the ear canal, removes excess wax, relieves and prevents itching.

Itching relief in the ears, associated with the cleansing of the ear canal!

EarClin Spray 3 in 1 is the most complete and embracing product on the market.

Softens and removes wax from the ear, promoting its natural drainage. With regular use, the spray prevents the development of the wax plug which can cause a clogged ear sensation.

It soothes dry skin of the ear canal, resulting, for example, from excess wax or inflammation in the ear canal and therefore relieves itching. Cleans the external ear canal and contributes to ear hygiene.

With natural extracts of chamomile and eugenesis: they calm dry skin and relieve itching;  calendula extract:takes care of the delicate skin of the ear canal keeping it healthy; sodium docusate: gently dissolves excess wax, dirt and fat, facilitating its removal and preventing associated itching; propylene glycol: through its lubricating effect, regulates the balance of the mucosa of the ear canal and soothes the itching.


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