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Depot – No. 102 shampoo anti-dandruff & sebum control 250ml





No. 102 antidandruff shampoo and oil control has a dual role (oiliness and dandruff control) for scalp and oily hair.

Proper cleaning; maintaining clean and free of excess oils.

Combat dandruff and reduces excess sebum!

Formulated with active ingredients:

  • Mild Surfactant, to a specific balanced cleaning;
  • Botanical Complex, mix of 10 botanical extracts with multiple beneficial effects on the skin and hair;
  • Magnesium and aluminum silicate, sebum absorbing;
  • Zinc Piriotionato, antimicrobial, dandruff and sebum regulator;
  • Allantoin, smoothing, protective and skin conditioner;
  • Essential oil of rosemary, perfume?and skin conditioner;
  • Sage essential oil, antioxidant, protector and perfumer;
  • Eucalyptol, toning, refreshing and perfumer;
  • Menthol, refreshing, soothing and perfumer;


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