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A Derma – Exomega control bath oil for atopic skins 200ml




Atopic Dermatitis, also known as atopic eczema or infantile eczema, characterized by a skin hypersensitivity reaction (allergy-related), characterized by inflammation, itching and flaking.

It is very common in infants, and at least half of these cases disappears at around 18 months.

There is a hypersensitivity reaction (like a rash) on your skin, causing chronic inflammation.

Exposure to irritant factors (such as the heated environment, skin dryness, water exposure and stress) can worsen the symptoms.

Exomega Control Shower Emollient Oil, is indicated for the daily hygiene of the Atopic and sensitive skin of the baby, child and adult.

The first gesture to reduce cutaneous dryness!

A shower oil emollient and silky texture with a composition rich in soothing agents:

  • Plantules Rhealba oat extract- calms the irritations and soothes the skin;
  • Filaxerina (rich in AGE)- helps to rebuild the skin barrier;
  • Mild cleansing Base pH 5.5- wash the skin gently;
  • Glycerin- moisturizing the upper layers of the skin.

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