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30 Days – 30 days plus waistline 120 tablets




It’s now known that there is a relationship between cardiovascular risk and the intra-abdominal volume or visceral fat …

The excess fat is the result of the successive positive energy balances, in wich the amount of energy consumed is higher than the amount of energy spent, resulting in fat storage and excess weight.

Also, the body “asks” for sugar and eating sweets immediately satisfies this need, however interfering with the weight…

By correcting this nutritional dysfunction with a supplement with chromium, it will naturally and gradually contrary to the desire to eat sweets, facilitating weight loss.

For this reason, the formula of the best selling supplement 30 days beltline has been reformulated and enhanced to an even more effective help in the reduction of waist line!

An unique and innovative combination of Beta Glucans + DTOX + Chromium + Iodine.

Drop 1 to 2 sizes … and wear the size you always wished!

 Beta 1,3 / 1,6 glucans

Substances proven to modulate the immune system.
Can help fight inflammation of the adipose tissue.
Recent studies point to a direct link between adipose tissue inflammation and obesity, especially the accumulation of fat in the belly and waist.
The beta glucans also contribute to normalize blood sugar levels and reducing levels of cholesterol and triglycerides.

➭ Chromium + Iodine

Chromium contributes to maintaining normal the levels of glucose in the blood.
Iodine contributes to the energy-producing metabolism.
It helps to maintain a stable level of blood sugar, helping weight loss.


A mixture of Plant Extracts carefully selected that help regulate the digestive process and improve the body’s ability to eliminate waste:
Artichoke: promotes weight loss and helps reduce lipid levels in blood.
Liquorice: it contributes to the normal functioning of the digestive system and aid in the relief of gastrointestinal distress
Pink Radiola: contributes to the emotional comfort
Dandelion: it stimulates digestion and contributes to the operation of the intestinal tract
Milk Thistle: contributes to the smooth functioning of the liver
Schisandra: hepatoprotective action


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