We should leave our tabus and let’s talk about sexual life with funny moments. 

Of all the approaches that our clients making, aboutproblems and solutions for this important aspect of the life of each of us, we can create a common denominator among them, it’s the desire we all have to make it funny , fun, spicy and challenging ….

That’s when Lelo comes into the scene.

If you want more that a perfect atmosphere and a sexy lingerie, like an suggestive accessory, Lelo is the brand that have the best options for you.  
Safe and sophisticated, their toys can estimulate and make happy even the shy ones.

Se ao ambiente e lingerie diferentes, pretender acrescentar algum acessório bem estimulante, provavelmente, a Lelo é a marca especializada que tem as melhores propostas de luxo. Seguros e sofisticados, podem divertir e estimular até os mais constrangidos.
Opte por melhorar esta componente da sua vida e, divirta-se na escolha do seu novo objecto de luxo. As novidades Lelo já estão disponíveis na SweetCare!

Choose to improve this part of your life and have fun in choosing your new object of luxury. The Lelo news are available at SweetCare!

How it all began

Stockholm, 2003.

Three designers had the idea to create objects of pleasure as beautiful as those we display in the decoration of our house, thus launching the brand that would give rise to LELO.

A decade on, the brand has become a world reference in the development of true desire objects; standing out for its high quality and ability to surprise even the smallest detail.

Desire, curiosity and good taste are some of the values ​​that LELO preserves to this day; remaining unique and differentiated in its sector.

LELO vibrators and toys have been developed so that you can use them alone, two, three … Or the way your imagination dictates! Because when we talk about sexuality, the only rule is for you to feel pleasure!

For her…

Lelo suggestions for her

(1.) Soraya 2 will provide intense moments of pleasure thanks to its dual massage ability of the G-spot and clitoris. In this new version, the angle of the external stimulator has been recalculated to 27º allowing it to perfectly adapt to different body types. The 3 buttons allow full control of sonic intensities with 12 vibration settings with enhanced functionality.

The (2.) Luna spheres in turn combine a pleasure experience to strengthen the vaginal wall, which reduces the risk of incontinence and other pelvic floor diseases, giving even faster recovery after delivery. They are available in different sizes and weights, adapting to each woman’s pelvis.

If you value clitoral stimulation, we recommend (3.) Sona , also available in version (4.) Sona Cruise for a stimulation adapted to your rhythm, without losing intensity when you need it most and the version (5.) Sona Cruise 2 with SenSonic technology, for even more intense moments.

For him…

Lelo suggestions for him

Used by him, providing pleasure to both members of the couple! O (1.) Tor 2 vibrating ring is a massager to be placed around the base of the penis and providing 6 types of stimulation. Comfortable and quiet, this massager is ideal for moments two!

For men who want to explore new stimuli, the (2.) Hugo prostate massager is ideal! Equipped with remote control, so you can enjoy moments of real pleasure for two or alone.

(3.) F1s kit for developers is truly revolutionary when it comes to male pleasure, by combining nature with science! Equipped with a window so you can see the action in real time, the feature that stands out most is undoubtedly the possibility of developing the code itself, defining your own moment of pleasure. If you prefer it has windowless version and equally powerful with (4.) Prototype F1s.

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