Isdin is a dermocosmetic brand that has existed for 40 years and still focused on the commitment that made, in the beginning to meet the needs of the skin. Its products combine exquisite textures, with maximum safety and efficiency, ensuring a unique sensory experience. From its product range we can found some specifics for pregnant women, mothers and even babies.

Isdin Woman

A range for all women, Isdin Woman presents products for the well-being and effective solutions for intimate health. In the case of recent mothers, it is usual existing some deep changes at this stage, and its necessary use some products to help improve and prevent these changes. When it comes to health, you will be able to choose the one month treatment for vaginal dryness, available in Pack with 12 ampoules monodose and/or for everyday use the female intimate hygiene. Also, exists an intimate vulvar moisturizer for when you feel any irritation or itching.

In addition to the intimate health products in this range, it’s possible find some specific care for postpartum concerns. Stretch marks are one of those concerns, not only for pregnants but also for mothers and women in general. For that concerns, the brand proposes a gel anti stretch marks with fast-absorbing. This gel extends hydration and elasticity to the skin and then preventing the formation of stretch marks. In addition with the stretch marks, the firmness is also one of the many concerns of women, in particular postpartum derived, from the weight fluctuations that occur. For this, the Isdin proposes a post partum fiming that allows a recovery of the derm, to restructure and restore skin firmness while reduces stretch marks.


Isdin Nutraisdin

For the babies and kids, Isdin developed the Nutraisdin line, which helps protect the baby’s skin. This is a fragile, delicate and more permeable skin than the adult, so it requires a specific care.

Hygiene is one of the main concerns for babies and for that brand has the gel-shampoo for the soft hygiene of the baby. This leaves the skin and the hair gently cleaned, respecting the delicate skin. At the end of hygiene, it is important to stay hydrated and moisturizing body lotion for baby provides an optimum level of hydration for a smoother skin and with greater elasticity.

On colder days and breezy, beyond hydration the protection of the baby face is also necessary, and a good option is rich emulsion cold & wind. To protect the delicate skin of the face, of the sun radiation, Isdin has the baby facial sun cream with spf30
In addition to these, there are other solutions for specific care as the gum gel for the first teeth or perioral repair for rhinitis or common cold.

With the diapers and the appearance of teeth is normal the skin area in contact with diapers be more irritated, so it’s necessary apply a specific product to appease the skin and to restore the cutaneous barrier. The brand also features options for diaper dermatitis and prevent diaper rash. In the case of diaper dermatitis and for a frequent use, the best choose will be the Zn40 reparing ointment in all diapers change, while for persistent dermatitis is af  repair miconazole ointment the most indicated. For prevention of diaper rash the brand proposes the nappy cream for diaper change.

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