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Seasonal or chronic, hair loss affects most people with more or less intensity. 

On average we have around 100.000 to 150.000 strands of hair. Natural hair loss varies, but on a daily basis we loose on average around 100 strands of hair. In order to keep the same volume, new hair needs to grow at the same rhythm as natural hair loss occurs.

When hair loss goes above average, the first signs of hair thinning appear, such as:

  • more hairs than usual left on the hairbrush, after brushing;
  • more hairs than usual on the basin after shampooing;
  • certain hair styles may also reveal areas of thinning, such as a wider parting or a thinning crown.

Hair loss may be reactive or progressive:

Reactive hair loss

These are seasonal hair losses but very intense, caused by physiological or emotional changes, like:

  • stress peaks,
  • pregnancy,
  • unbalanced diets,
  • medication,
  • etc.

In this instance, if you don’t change the cause of the reactive hair loss by eliminating, for example, the stress factors or by changing your diet, treatment won’t be as effective.

Progressive hair loss

This type of hair loss, unlike the previous one, is always present and doesn’t depend on outside elements. It is caused by vascular, hormonal or hereditary factors.

How to stop hair loss?

Hair loss treatment needs to follow three basic and complementary steps. 

Depending on the type of hair loss, you may choose different products, but must always follow the 3 steps: supplements, local treatment and shampoo.´~

Food supplements

1st STEP

Hair loss is worsened when there is a shortage of certain nutritional supplements on the capillary bulbs. So dietary supplements will compensate this unbalance and normalize hair growth.

  • Hair and Nail Fortifying

Phyto – Phytophanère

This is a daily use dietary supplement that gives all the necessary elements to nail and hair quality and beauty. It has natural vitamins, essential fatty acids, gamma-oryzanol and minerals.

  • Progressive or Reactive Hair Loss
Rene Furterer
Rene Furterer

René Furterer – Vitalfan

This René Furterer dietary supplement has essential elements to stop hair loss and favor hair growth:

– cadamina fontana,
– vitamins B8, PP, B6, A and E
– curbicia extract and zinc sulfate (sebum regulators)

  • Triple Action

Ducray – Anacaps
Gives vitamin B8 to the hair bulb to maintain healthy hair and vitamin B6 that facilitates cysteine synthesis. Vitamin B3 in association with iron lessens fatigue signs and vitamin E has  an anti oxidant action that protects cells from oxidative stress. Formulated with Chocolate aroma to encourage you to follow the complete course of treatment!

Topical treatment

2nd STEP

Local topical treatment is essential for anti hair loss treatment. It calls blood to the surface of the hair bulb in order to bring up all the nutrients. Tones the scalp and gives instantly to the hair bulb the dietary and stimulant nutrients necessary to fortify hair.

  • Chronicle, severe and persistent hair loss

Phyto – Phytolium 4

The newest biotech anti hair loss innovation developed by Phyto Labs. The clinical trial with volunteers shows:

– 88% hair loss decrease

– 69% fortified hair

– 63% denser hair

– 80% satisfaction with easy application.

  • Anti Hair Loss Fortifying Serum

For reactive hair loss (stress,fatigue, after giving birth) or for hair loss derived from devitalized hair. This unisex treatment has a quinine-caffeine complex.

  • Reactive Hair Loss 
Rene Furterer

René Furterer – RF80
A concentrate of plants and essential oils that helps hair growth and visibly stops hair loss. It acts directly on the factors responsible for reactive hair loss: vascular and nutritional.

  • Women’s Hair Loss

Phyto – Phytocyane
This serum combines the properties of a fortifying hair loss treatment and the virtues of a cosmetic anti ageing care, preserving the hair’s beauty and vitality. Regenerates and tones the hair bulb. Suited for all women with diffuse or acute hair loss.

  • Hormonal or Hereditary Hair Loss
Rene Furterer

René Furterer – Triphasic
Composed of 3 active stages, it associates energetic, nutritious and energetic elements, essential to improve the hair’s structure, to increase hair growth and to stop hair loss. It has Brazilian Ginseng, lavender and orange essential oils and curbicia extract.

Anti hair loss shampoo

3rd STEP

The job of a anti hair loss shampoo is to prepare the scalp to receive the local topic treatment and to protect hair from outside aggressions.

  • Hair Regrowth

Dercos – Neogenic
The first shampoo with Stemlxydine and pro-redensifying technology. With a crystal clear and ultra-light formulation, it is enriched with agents used in styling products, to give body to even the thinnest hairs without making it heavy.  Its light and easy to rinse suds, make hair shinny, smooth and easy to brush.

  • Inca Strengthening 

Klorane – Quinine
Very used by the Incas, quinine bark comes from South America and has quinine, an alkaloid with stimulating properties, that favor hair growth, giving back strength and vigor to  hair. This shampoo incorporates quinine in a very soft washing base, untangling and volumizing.

  • Scalp Preparation

Ducray – Anaphase
This stimulating shampoo reactivates micro-circulation on the scalp. Its multivitamin complex with vitamins B5, B6 and B8 gives all the necessary energetic elements the hair bulb needs for its metabolism. Results: 54% better treatment penetration.

  • For Chronic, Severe or Persistent Hair Loss

Phyto – Phytolium
Strength, energy and vigor: everything you need to help fortify your hair! A natural and effective alternative to fight hair thinning, this formulation has a high concentrations of rooibos and cinchona bark extract, to energize scalps and strengthen the hair bulb, while at the same time, restoring the hair’s strength and vitality.

  • Stimulating Shampoo
Rene Furterer

René Furterer – Forticea
The perfect partner for anti hair loss treatments, this shampoo mixes essential oils bio-spheres with vegetable peptides to stimulate micro-circulation and hair beauty. With a scalp massage, you will reinforce and power its action.

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