David Beckham is almost as well known for its looks as for its great sporting career. Bold and confident; David inspires thousands of men all over the world, and so decided to create its brand.

The name “House” comes from the fact that this is an inclusive brand, and that allows to provide the best grooming products for all men.
Why “99”? Because 1999 was the year David married, won 3 titles with Manchester United, and had its first child, Brooklyn.

In this brand you can find products tested by barbers that combine the best ingredients in order to obtain high performance and truly pleasant textures.


Long, short, drawn or shaved? Wherever your style is, at House 99 you wil find the best products to exfoliate, moisturize and groom the best of of your face!

1. Get groomed beard purifying scrub
This product allows you to eliminate impurities and helps prevent the development of ingrown hairs and the formation of dandruff. Its rough texture  is due to the black coal and volcanic stones contained in the formulation; It is also enriched with extracts of spirulina, quinoa and ginseng. A “must” to ensure a perfect shave at all times!

2. Smooth cut shaving foam
This care has soothing and moisturizing properties thanks to the combination of a polymer Glycerin conditioner with extracts of spirulina and quinoa. In this way, the discomfort associated with shaving is minimized; and the skin remains smooth and healthy.

3. Seriously groomed beard and hair balm
This balm provides structure and hydration, while it soothes and nourishes the hair, without leaving any residue.

4. Sharp cut shaving stick
Born of the tradition of the barber shop, allows you to override the classic brush, minimizing the discomfort associated with shaving! Its formulation allows you to put the hair in perfect angle, while softens and hydrates your skin,.  With a form adjusted to the contours of the face, this stick lets you focus on the areas you want to mold. For being solid and small, this is ideal to take with you on the go.


Forget the signs of fatigue and dehydration. In this range you will find care to moisturize, protect and give more life to your face. Skin proof of the more agitated routines.

1. Greater look face moisturizer
Lightweight hydration that reduces shine and protects the skin from environmental pollution.

2. Spruce up toning lotion
This lotion complements your skin cleaning and shaving, leaving it energized and filled immediately, ensuring skin hydrated, softened and soothed during 12h! This watch has moisturizing and exfoliating actions of Glycerin and salicylic acid; the pair of provitamin B5 also help soothe the skin.

3. Truly brighter eye balm
The signs of fatigue are in your eyes in the form of wrinkles and fine lines, which can give you a look tired and aged. This product allows you to solve this aspect quickly and effectively, combining active ingredients of decongestant action and illuminating. The combination of mica and caffeine lets clarify the skin and stimulate the microcirculation; at the same time as the spirulina extracts and quinoa protect and nourish the eye contour area.

4. Broad defense face moisturizer spf20
This product has an antioxidant action and pollution, which are essential to curb the aging skin, thanks to extracts of spirulina and quinoa, but also the UV filters.


A versatile shower gel, deodorant spray, and a hydrating protector of tattoos! Everything you need for your everyday life, without forgetting the male fragrance House 99.

1. Polish up shower gel for hair and body
This multi-purpose product for body and hair, is exactly what you are looking for, in addition to being extremely practical for a refreshing shower. Ideal to start the day, or to terminate your workout!

2. Cool off spray deodorant
This product was inspired by the daily life of David Beckham, marked by training, interviews, travel, and other activities that can generate undesirable odors of perspiration. Its effectiveness is due to the magnesium oxide, absorving action; embedded in a formula that limits the development of bacteria and excessive moisture.

3. Bold statement tattoos moisturizer spf30
Moisturizing and protective spray for tattooed skin, which does not leave any residue after application and ensures hydration and protection for 12h am against loss of color of your tattoos! Enriched with vitamin E, but also with Glycerin, extracts of quinoa and spirulina; This spray leaves skin perfectly protected from oxidizing free radicals, while retaining your surface water so that it stays healthy.

4. Spruce up toning lotion
Tonifying lotion that complements your skin cleaning and shaving, leaving it energized and filled right away. It has moisturizing and exfoliating actions of Glycerin and salicylic acid; as provitamin B5 wich also help to soothe the skin.


Cleaning and styling options, which allow you to achieve volume and definition of your hairstyle. All so you can change your look whenever you wish!

1. Strip clean soothing anti-dandruff shampoo
This allows shampoo to eliminate the discomfort caused by dandruff and refresh your scalp, thanks to extracts of spirulina, quinoa and Mint extract. The cutaneous barrier is strengthened to every application, and the hair is noticeably cleaner.

2. Going strong styling gel
Brightness and high fixation, even for the ones that have really crazy routines!

3. Tight grip hair fixative spray
Product indicated for hair  of all lengths, preserving a healthy, natural glow.

4. Twice the smart shampoo and conditioner 12h
A couple of shampoo & conditioner for hair in need of discipline and nutrition on a daily basis and that is proof that the best things in life come in pairs, combining a smooth and effective cleaning with the conditioning action that your hair needs to stay your haircut!

5. Going big thickening daily shampoo
Thickeners, hair fiber ingredients, that are able to provide a higher volume to your hair, this formulation has refreshing and purifying ingredients, such as activated charcoal and Mint extract, spirulina and quinoa. Hair clean and refreshed, and accumulation of waste-free products.

6. Seriously groomed beard and hair balm
A creamy texture and not sticky, easy to apply!

7. Polish up shower gel for hair and body
This shower gel is indicated for daily use, provides effective cleaning at the same time it has refreshing and moisturizing. Ideal to start the day, or to end your workout!

8. Change it up texturizante clay
Inspired by David Beckham short hairstyles, this product provides volume and matte finish to your hair, leaving it mouldable but hairstyles throughout the day!

9. Smooth back shaping cream
To create the famous save of David Beckham or any other look created by your imagination! This ointment is resistant to perspiration, water and environment, and enriched with extracts of spirulina and quinoa.

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