Effective, economical and now within your reach! CeraVe is an American brand that was born from the need to create appropriate products for atopic skin; with high tolerance but also a good cosmeticity.

Over the years, the brand has evolved to create solutions that are suitable for other skin types and conditions with the concern of the integrity of the skin barrier always in mind.

The Skin Barrier

Skin defines the interface between our body and the environment, protecting us from physical, chemical, microbiological, and other kinds of aggressions. However, and for this protection to be effective; it is necessary to watch over its wellbeing; which is not always easy during these days, and much less when there are associated conditions.

The outermost layer of the skin is the epidermis, and on its surface we can find the stratum corneum. This portion of the epidermis consists of a cluster of highly keratinized and anucleated cells, corneocytes; whose connection is made through lipids that form the intercorneocytic cement. The constitution of intercorneocitary cement should comprise different lipids, whose ratio will be related to a greater or lesser capacity to water retention in the stratum corneum, while preventing the entry of any aggressive substances.

One of the most important constituents of intercorneocyte cement are ceramides, and some studies suggest that in an atopic skin the ratio between the various constituents of this class of molecules will be seriously compromised.

When the amount of ceramides is reduced, the skin tends to become rough and less elastic, thus being it more sensitive to external aggressors, and therefore more susceptible to the development of inflammation.

CeraVe solution

CeraVe was created by dermatologists, in view of the needs from atopic skin; a disease in which the skin barrier is deficient. For this, the brand has created a specific vehicle for conveying its active ingredients, thus providing a prolonged effectiveness to it’s products.

  • Multi-vesicular emulsion (MVE)

These multiphase structures have concentric layers similar to those from an onion, thus presenting several advantages when compared to the common emulsions:

  • Sustained release over time, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness;
  • Protection of the active ingredients;
  • Greater tolerance, since the ingredients release is done gradually.

Ceramides are present in all CeraVe products, in particular ceramides 1, 3, and 6-II. These products are accompanied by cholesterol, phytosphingosine and fatty acids in the lipophilic phase of vesicles (with affinity for fats); while in the hydrophilic phase (affinity for water) are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and niacinamide.

Together, these molecules provide a greater water uptake to the epidermis, while preventing its loss through evaporation.

Because it contains all these active ingredients, CeraVe also allows you to take care of diseases such as senile xerosis, rosacea or acne!

The range

At CeraVe you can find products suitable to clean and moisturize the skin of the whole body and face!

  • Body and face cleansing
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