BiRetix is ​​a truly revolutionary brand for the skin care of people who are prone to the development of acne imperfections; with clinically proven efficacy for the treatment of this kind of lesions.

Skin becomes less oily; with a softer, refreshed and calmed appearance

All the products from this brand include:

  • RetinSphere® Technology, a patented combination of retinoids that provides maximum effectiveness with high tolerance;
  • Biopep-15, a plant complex with high activity against the bacterium P.acnes, that is the main cause of the development of inflamed lesions.

If acne affects your self-confidence, this brand is the innovation you’ve been waiting for!

BiRetix Cleanser

Usually anti-acne cleansing products have a delipidating action; completely removing the skin barrier that protects the skin from bacterial colonization, and making it more sensitive.

Contrary to common practice, the BiRetix Cleanser is a gentle and soothing cleansing gel that deposits moisturizing and anti-irritating ingredients on its surface so that your routine starts with perfectly clean but protected skin.

Its gentle cleansing base is responsible for the removal of microorganisms, dead cells and excessive oiliness; cleansing the skin in the right measure.

To boost your routine anti-acne action, this product also contains 10% Biopep-15 and Piroctone Olamine, which also has an anti-microbial action.

Lastly, and in order to ensure that the clean feeling lasts longer, this product also has seboregulating and astringent phytoactive ingredients that help the acne treatment.

BiRetix Duo

It is the essential product from this range, since it acts on imperfections at all their generation stages.

This gel prevents pore clogging thanks to its refreshing and purifying action on acne-prone skin as it accelerates cell renewal, promotes gentle removal of dead skin cells, and also slows proliferation of microorganisms that contribute to the appearance of acne lesions.

Its formula contains 1.1% RetinSphere® Technology and 10% Biopep 15, but also 0.5% Salicylic acid to exfoliate the pores and Vitamin E; whose antioxidant action reduces the inflammation associated with the oxidation of tallow fatty acids.

BiRetix Mask

This mask with purifying action is an interesting addition to your daily routine if you want a rapid reduction of the skin oiliness, or an intense clease of black spots.

With a seborregulatory and absorbent action, this product contains 5% of green clay and 10% of white clay; being intended to complement the routine of acneic skin by reducing excess sebum and the generation of new comedones.

In addition, this product also allows to keep up with your treatment, since it contains 1.1% RetinSphere® Technology that stimulates the skin cells renewal, and Vitamin E.

BiRetix Ultra

And because acne is not limited to the face, BiRetix also has a spray specially designed for the body!

This care is especially suitable for teenagers and people in early adulthood when acne manifests on body; especially at the chest and back.

In addition to containing 1.1% RetinSphere Technology and 10% Biopep-15, this product also contains 0.5% Salicylic Acid and Vitamin E.

To ease its application, this sprays comes allows a multiposition application, dispensing the product over large areas easily and quickly, even with the valve facing down.

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