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Xanthigen advanced calorie burner -400kcal everyday – Cellulase




Xanthigen Advanced Calorie Burner 400 is the most powerful available supplement on the adipocyte fat suppression and fat accumulation in the cells.

It’s a highly effective slimming treatment with clinical studies that support the results, without requiring an increase in the daily physical activity.

The most advanced calorie’s burner that allows a daily burning of 400kcalories without increasing physical exercise, when taken continuously for a period of 2 months.

Studies show a weight loss up to 6kg in 4 months without changing the daily activity!

The Xanthigen operates at two levels:

1) Eliminates the fat from the adipose tissue.
Supported by two substantiated clinical trials that prove the action of Brown Seaweed – Undaria pinnatifida – in the liver, the origin of fat accumulation, maintaining the basal metabolism in operation, which leads to an increase in energy expenditure.
This scientific study proves an increase of 400kcal/day, therefore increasing the basal metabolic rate to 2400kcal/day.
The results are a 6 kg weight loss without increasing physical exercise!
The Brown seaweed has in its composition Fucoxantinas, acting at the level of the adipocytes by decreasing their differentiation and gene expression level by decreasing the expression of the adipocitario gene.
Also these algae have appetite regulatory action without interfering with the nervous system, which leads to greater satisfaction and reduced need for food intake.
Pomegranate extract, has a reducing action of white adipocytes, while metabolic level decreases the secretion of triglycerides.

2) Skin anti-aging effect.
The Xanthigen activates the Youth Factors production, anti-aging enzymes that increase the elasticity and keep the young-looking skin.
The Xanthigen promotes the expression of the enzyme SIRT-1 up to 3x more! The SIRT-1 is the gene that allows you to delay the process of cellular aging.
In addition, the pomegranate extract, a powerful antioxidant, protects the skin cells from oxidative stress which leads to premature cellular aging.
The continued treatment with Xanthigen supplementation, also leads to a significant improvement in skin tone, increasing the firmness of the tissues

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