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Wetstop – Urinary alarm for children blue




Wet-Stop…wet bed never again!

Wet-stop alarm is a device developed for the treatment of nocturnal enuresis.
The wet-stop device is used to teach the child to recognize when they are filled bladder in an alarm placed on the child’s pajama with a sensor on the underwear.
Once the Wet-Stop device detects the emission of drops of urine, beeps , waking up the child and thus provide the opportunity to control night involuntary urination.

End once and for all with the “pee in bed”!!!

What is the nocturnal enuresis?
It is the involuntary emission of urine during sleep after five years of age. It is essentially an embarrassing situation for the child and should be provided prompt and effective treatment for the problem, although most families do not seek medical advice.
In Portugal, there are approximately 80,000 enuretic children: 15% at 5 years, 10% at age 10 and 0.5 to 1% of young adolescents.
This dysfunction affects about 10% of children under seven years of age, and is more common in boys than in girls.

What is the treatment?
Parents should have a major active role in the child’s treatment process and not punish them for this problem.
There are practical steps to help solve the problem without resorting to drugs:
– use Wet-Stop alarm: teaching the child to stop with involuntary urination;
– the child’s room should always stay as close as possible to the bathroom in order to ease their access;
– leave a night light on;
– do not encourage the use of diapers;
– protect the mattress;
– encourage the child to drink fluids during the day so they are able to recognize the feeling of a full bladder;
– reduce evening fluids intake.

If you choose to resort to the use of drugs, it should be only with medical prescription. These medications base their action on the production of an antidiuretic effect. The most common is desmopressin, which can be administered orally or intranasally. It should be noted that its use is only recommended for children over 5 years old, and the dose should be appropriate to their weight and administered under medical supervision.
For all these aspects, the child with enuresis should be followed in a specialty consultation, where the assessment and treatment will be individualized and appropriate to each specific situation.

Wet-stop Kit includes:
– Vibrating alarm sensor;
– Cable 90cm long not counting the connection head;
– Dry nights calendar, that the child can fill out as a form of motivation;
– instructions.


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