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Vichy – Normaderm phytosolution purifying cleansing gel 200ml





For the daily cleansing of acneic skin, Vichy developed the Normaderm phytosolution purifying cleansing gel.

A product enriched with minerals and prebiotics, for a purified and protected skin!

It’s formulation allows you to effectively remove impurities and particulate pollutants from your face, while ensuring the balance on oil production.

In this formulation you will find:

  • Vegetable cleansing base, which is able to cleanse the skin gently and effectively;
  • Salicylic acid, with exfoliating, seborregulating and antibacterial action;
  • Prebiotics, which are able to restore the skin barrier;
  • Copper and zinc, with soothing and seborregulating action.


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