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Uriage – Ds hair shampoo kerato-reducing treatment 150ml





Ds hair shampoo kerato-reducing treatment, incorporates the thermal water from the french alps.

Eliminates dry or oily dandruff and scalp exfoliation.

Purifying care that soothes the itching in the scalp sensitive.

Eliminates the scales, reduces redness and soothes the itching.

The ultra-sensorial texture leaves soft, beautiful and brilliant hair.

With action:

Relieving: the patent TLR2-Regul, combined with thermal water of Uriage and Edelweiss soothe and protect the scalp;

Kerato-reducing: with salicylic acid, which allows exfoliation of the scalp;

Purification: the combination of olamine piroctona with zinc lactate, prevents and combats the excess of Malassezia, responsible for the flaking.


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