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Tena – Pants plus size s 14units


Tena – Pants plus small 65cm to 85cm



Suitable for moderate to severe incontinence, TENA Pants Plus provide enhanced protection when the need of your loved one is slightly larger.

With ConfioFit, gets a thin protection with anatomical format which also ensures great comfort and discretion.

100% breathable, are a great choice for a good skin health.

It’s soft and discrete as underwear.

The Odour Neutralizer minimizes the ammonia odor, giving a fresh and dignity feeling.

Protection against TENA Pants incontinence is so easy to remove as is is to wear.
Just tear the side seams and remove the underwear.

Within each degree of absorption, the size should be chosen according to the diameter of the waist of the person will use.
Use the correct size is important for the underwear is well adjusted to the body.


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