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SVR – Densitium eye countor firming cream 15ml





As the years go by, it is natural to notice therelaxation of the eyelid skin that weakens the look of your eyes and changes facial expression.

On the other hand, theskin from this area tends to become thinner, which causes the appearance of dark circles, wrinkles and swelling.

To counteract all these signs of age, SVR has created the Densitum eye contour cream which offers a complete treatment of all these problems.

The skin from the eye contour is smoothed and firmed, returning lightness to your look

Its formula allows to firm the surface and deeper thanks to:

  • Bio-calcium, a form of this mineral that is easily assimilated by the skin and helps to restructure the epidermis
  • Ultra-fragmented hyaluronic acid, imparts density to the skin since it attracts water and it is more easily absorbed by its layers

Fluid texture that is adapted to the thin skin of the eye contour.

Pleasantly scented.


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