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Slim massage glove – Elancyl




Fresh aroma and stimulating massage | Smoothing action, draining and toning!

Elancyl presents an innovative and professional method of home slimming massage, developed by a kinesiotherapist, specially designed to favor the smoothing of the skin and to decongest the tissues.

The glove allows specific massages that stimulate the microcirculation and favor the drainage, also favoring the elimination of toxins and the cellular exchanges, increasing the oxygenation of the skin tonifying it and giving it back firmness!

| Slim massage glove |
The anti-cellulite fight infiltrated, in a simple gesture!

A formulation with:

  • Caffeine:
    The Star of Destocking thanks to its unique action on the chain of lipolytic degradation, which allows to convert the triglycerides contained in the adipocyte into free fatty acids, form under which they can be eliminated.
  • Hera Extract:
    It reinforces the elasticity and firmness of the skin acting on the quality of the collagen and preventing the glycation of the fibers, a phenomenon that is the origin of the rigidification of the tissues.
    Potentiated by massage, the extract of ivy favors physiological drainage and elimination of toxins.

It’s possible to buy only slimming gel recharges.

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