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Skinceuticals – C e ferulic 30ml





High potency antioxidant serum, formulated to neutralize the damage caused by free radicals, by increasing skin protection UVA/UVB rays – responsible for the oxidative stress for the skin – preventing premature aging skin.

This care, stimulates collagen synthesis by reducing the appearing of fine lines and wrinkles, by standardising the complexion and dimming irregular relief.

Significant improvements in firmness and elasticity!

This action is achieved through its ideal concentrations, optimising the maximum absorption of antioxidants, boosting the performance of this care:

  • 15% pure vitamin CL-Ascorbic Acid: operates in aqueous environment cell, protecting cells from environmental aggressions, neutralizing free radicals. Essential for the synthesis of collagen.
  • 1% vitamin EAlpha Tocopherol: operates in cellular lipid environment, neutralizing free radicals. Protects cell membranes from damage caused by the aggression on the environment.
  • 0.5% Ferulic Acid: acts on the inside the cell, inhibiting the damage to the DNA level. Increases the stability of Vitamin C Pure in the formulation. Responsible for the acceleration of the recovery of the skin after sun exposure.

Recognizing skin oxidation as one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin, the team of dermatologists SkinCeuticals, specialist in anti-aging care of face, developed CE Ferulic, a powerful antioxidant treatment, formulated with pH and concentrations great for obtaining extraordinary results.
Unique anti-aging results:

  • Corrects expression lines, wrinkles, skin viscosity, uneven complexion.
  • Multiply by 2 antioxidant defenses of skin –  permanent protective effect;
  • Increased stimulation of collagen synthesis;

The Skinceuticals treatment best suited for you?

SweetCare proposes the personalized beauty Skinceuticals program, for a specific response to the needs of your skin.
Send us your answer and receive an email with the Skinceuticals suggestion for your personalized treatment program.


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