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Sesderma – Sescelulex food supplement for cellulite 60capsules




Sescelulex is a food supplement to combat cellulite manifestations.

Improves silhouette and cellulite combat!

Formulated with borage oils and fish,rich in polysaturated fatty acids (Omega 3 and Omega 6), exerting a protective function of the vascular system.

Soy lecithin helps prevent cholesterol present in the blood from depositing on arterial and venous walls. It also has venoprotective properties and antiedema properties combating fluid accumulation.

Pineapple powder,rich in proteolytic enzyme, bromelein and potassium. Bromelein favors the fractionization and elimination of the fibers that form the cellulite nodule. Potassium performs a diuretic function avoiding fluid retention.


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