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Sesderma – Celulex lipobreaker anti-cellulite double action 2x250ml




A product with an intensive action against cellulite like you’ve never seen!

The Celulex lipobreaker double anti-cellulite action takes advantage of light activated compounds, providing a more effective action.

To reduce the fat accumulations in and improve the cellulite appearance!

This product was inspired in photolipolisis, and relies on nanotechnology to reach the deeper layers of fat deposits; combining a cocktail of active ingredients which are able to act in perfect synergy:

  • The first step consists of a lipolytic reduceing gel with a high concentration of cholic acid
  • The second step, a remodeling photolipoactivator gel joins several anti-cellulite actives, among which are included spirulinaruscus extractretinol and caffeine. Chlorophyllin is the ingredient that is activated by light.


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