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Sesderma – Atopises moisturizing face cream for atopic skins 50ml





Sesderma Atopises Moisturizing Cream – A moisturizer care for atopic and very dry skins.

A atopic skin has sometimes impaired barrier function, triggering symptoms such as dryness, itching, irritation frequently, resulting in an increase in allergic reactions and a higher risk of infection.

Relieves itching, irritation and dry skin!

When the skin is in this state moisturizing is not enough, at a time that it is necessary to opt for a treatment with dermocorticóides, even though the associated risks….

Sesderma, developed an alternative or complementary treatment therapy with dermocorticóides with excellent cosmetic properties, to improve the quality of life and reduce the need for corticosteroids, targeted specifically for atopic, the Atopises line.

This care aims to:

– Restructure the barrier function.
– To give comfort, through its soothing function (reduces itching and redness, prevents irritation)
– Preventing skin dryness.



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