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Remescar – Remescar treats and prevents spider veins 50ml


Remescar – Remescar spider veins



Strokes in the legs or spider veins has an aesthetic component associated, and are the source of constraints and some complex, which changes the well-being and personal routine.

Existing solutions in the market are not aimed at all the important aspects, such as the immediate effect and the surface treatment.
It is precisely to address this immediate need that was developed Remescar care.

combines a visual improvement with immediate relief of symptoms in the long term.

Operates on two fronts:

  • The surface, creating a protection of the affected area through a silicon film with UV absorbers and crystals coated microlens disguising imperfections and skin tonal changes;
  • In depth, the vascular structure by strengthening cellular tissues (Phospholipids and Hyaluronic Acid) by the neutralization of free radicals (antioxidant topics), and a decrease of vascular color changes and limiting the formation of new strokes (fitodinamic complex).

The results are clinically proven:
– Reduction to 43% of the appearance of strokes after a single application;
– Reduction to 51% of the appearance of strokes after 84 days.


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