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Oenobiol – Self-tanning food supplement 30capsules


Oenobiol – Oenobiol autobronzeador



Radiant tan all year round, even during seasons with no Sun!

If this is your desire, the Oenobiol Self-tanning food supplement was created just for you!

A self-tanner with 5 natural pigments, which provides a beautiful, uniform and bright skin tone!

It’s formula contains:

  • Tomato extract (80 mg), rich in lycopene;
  • Dry curcuma extract (20 mg);
  • Marigold extract (5 mg), rich in lutein;
  • Haematococcus pluvialis algae extract(20 mg), rich in astaxanthin;
  • Zeaxanthin (1 mg)

This supplement does not contain added beta-carotene, thus preventing the generation of an orange tan.

Exclusive for adults.


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