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Nuxe – Nuxuriance ultra eyes and lip contour for mature skin 15ml





Nuxuriance Ultra care around the eyes and anti aging lips.

Ideal for all types of skin, it is the ideal complement to a groundbreaking anti-aging effective treatment for mature skins.

Perfect to work in wrinkles installed in the delicate area around the eyes and lips, softening these persistent brands of skin aging.

The wrinkles are smoothed, your face gets a new look and new energy!

Naturally effective, acts on wrinkles, sagging, dark spots, puffiness and dark circles.

Nuxe’s research has identified the main cause of all skin aging signs: an age-related slowdown in the regeneration of major skin cells.
For the first time, Nuxe’s researchers have succeeded in incorporating active molecules of precious Saffron Flower in a Bougainvillea botanical cell (Patents pending (FR)).

This intelligent active ingredient, offering a targeted and continuous action, stimulates the generation of new major skin cells. 



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