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Nuk – Cleft palate teat with screw ring without feed hole size1 1unit




The Cleft palate in infants and children occurs when the palate (the up side of the mouth) does not close completely.

May come with varying degrees of intensity, ranging from a small opening called the soft palate to almost complete palate’s separation.

When this congenital condition presents with a slit or opening only in the upper palate, it is called a cleft palate.

In this case, the palette does not close completely and leaves an opening that extends into the nasal cavity.

The slot can affect any part of the palate, and may extend from the front of the mouth (hard paly) to the throat (soft palate).

NUK, as nature intended, endorse by the medical clinics

Nuk has been always attentive and particular concern for children with special needs.

For this reason, it developed a Teat without hole with size and characteristics adapted to children with cleft palate.

  • It stimulates the natural instinct of sucking
  • No hole to be used as needed
  • In latex, high-quality material and especially resistant


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