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Nailner – Fungal nail infection 2 in 1 brush 5ml





The latest Nailner innovation!

Nailner Brush 2 in 1 –  100% effective treatment against nail fungus

Walking barefoot in public places (gymnasiums, swimming pools, ..), use shoes that do not allow good ventilation and cause excessive sweating or even family history of fungal infection (genetic) are just some of the many transmission factors and causing fungus in nails.

The resulting emotional distress caused by this problem is very common, and can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

With an unique and complete formula, Nailner Brush 2 in 1 not only treats nail fungus, but also improves the nail appearance in just 7 days!

Amazing new formula – 100% Efficacy!

An unique transport system, which enables the effective penetration of active ingredients, eliminating fungus in its origin, altering the nail environment to prevent its development.

Protects the newly formed nail of a new infection.

Nailner Brush 2 in 1 contains enough solution for about 300 applications.


To avoid staining surfaces or in case of spilling the bottle, use an old cloth (clean) or just some kitchen paper under your feet or hands before using Nailner Brush 2 in 1.




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