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Multi-Gyn – Floraplus prevention and care of vaginal candidiasis 5monodoses


Multi-Gyn – Multi-gyn floraplus



For the prevention and treatment of vaginal candidiasis, we recommend Multi-Gyn Floraplus.

Relief of the discomfort associated with the vaginal candidiasis and it’s recurrence prevention

This product allows you to eliminate the discharge, irritation, itching and redness characteristic of this kind of infection, restoring the vaginal flora and stimulating the proliferation of protective lactobacilus .

This product contains the Complex 2QR, which consists in polysaccharides from Aloe barbadensis leaf. These substances have the ability to block the adhesion of harmful bacteria; thus reducing their proliferation. In addition, Multi-Gyn favors the natural system of tissue regeneration, which restores normal vaginal acidity levels. This way, the development of the Lactobacilli is stimulated, and that stimulation prevents the installation of the vaginal discomfort.

The Aloe extract may have diffrent origins, which is why the gel may have diferent tones without compromising it efficacy.

It can be used as an adjunct to medication.

It can be used by pregnant women.


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