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Mesoestetic – Grascontrol artichoke intestinal cleanser 20ampoules x5ml




Mesoestetic’s laboratories have developed a line of dietary supplements intended for the care of the body and the line – Grascontrol.

It’s a line that takes care of the metabolism, facilitating the digestive processes in a healthy and natural way, helping to control body weight.

The Grascontrol has different nutritional programs that adapt to different types of diets so as not to break the daily pace, being easier to comply with the therapy.

Grascontrol Artichoke Extract
The ideal complement to depurative diets

It’s a dietary supplement with depurative action.

It’s intended to combat and prevent fluid retention, accumulation of fats and the bloated feeling.

Thanks to the diuretic and laxative properties of Artichoke extract, it promotes digestion and protects the body from the aggression caused by bad eating habits.

It has aloso Pre-Biotics and Pro-Biotics ingredients that take care and protect the digestive system


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