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Lierac – Premium la cure absolute anti-aging 30ml


Lierac – Premium la cure



Inspired in regenerative medicine innovation; for a renewed skin in just 28 days!

The Premium la cure absolute anti-aging is a product that counts with 7 distinct patents, in order to act on the visiblesigns of skin aging, but also on the cellular messengers responsible for their progression.

Revitalizes, regenerates, repairs!

It’s biphasic formula consists of approximately of 10 000 microcapsules of oil containing black flowers antioxidant extracts, which are isolated from the rest of the formula by a thin membrane of smart polymers. When released in the skin, these oils leave a silky but not oily protective barrier.

In the aqueous base of this product, we can find other active ingredients:

  • Hexapeptide-FX, which is able to reproduce the action of FOXO proteins responsible for cell immortality;
  • GDF-11 Technology, which promotes celll’s repair capacity through stimulation of the GDF-11 protein synthesis,
  • Niacinamide, that’s essential for cellular energy production, thus providing a real energy boost to your skin;
  • Hyalu-3, containing high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, encapsulated hyaluronic acid and agave yeast extract, thus being able to promote the endogenous synthesis of hyaluronic acid. This way, it provides a superficial  and deep skin smoothing.

Skin becomes visibly rejuvenated!


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