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Lierac – Body slim global slimming, sculpting and beautifier 200ml




Once cellulite settles involved in the overall change in cellular metabolism, compressing all the surrounding tissues, causing relaxation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, changing the dermal fibers, decreasing cell renewal.

This change causes a progressive loss of firmness and skin irregularities, making it increasingly less smooth silhouette, altering the appearance and quality of the skin …

Body-Slim slimming Global – A slimming care active texture with smoothing effect immediately!

  • Fades cellulite and reliefs
  • Refines and reshapes the silhouette
  • Firms and tones the skin
  • Beautifies, smoothes and moisturizes

Unique “Morpho 4D” complex – Coming from the hybridization of cosmetics, one of Lierac Laboratories:

Peptide: Cellular messenger that protects NFG (Nerve Growth Factor) to reactivate exchanges at all skin’s levels
Active Caffeine: complex that intensely promotes lipolysis
Sacred-Lotus: WTB system that favors the elimination of fats

Lierac’s innovation in a concentrated reducer, beautifying and remodelling care!

Smoothed skin, instant firmness
Refreshing, long lasting effect

NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) – the cellular messenger that can boost cellular metabolism at 3 levels:

Epidermis: Relaunches cell renewal
Dermis: Increases collagen’s production
Hipoderme: It favors the fat’s destocking

Immediate action:

  • Visibly moisturized skin: 87% *
  • Effect visible smoother: 74% *
  • Immediate “beautiful skin” effect: 71% *

* Self-assessment by immediate action in 32 women



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