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La Roche Posay – Rosaliac uv light anti-redness care spf 15 40ml





A moisturizing care with high tolerance that neutralizes redness spots and restores skin’s long-lasting comfort and brightness, with SPF 15.
SPF 15 prevents the aggression of sun rays on the skin’s superficial capillaries and prevents the aggravating of rosacea’s vasodilatory action.

Facial moisturizing for normal to combination skins, with redness or rosacea

ROSALIAC line by La Roche Posay

Who should use the Rosaliac’s line?

The skins with ages between 20 and 35 years old, very thin, almost transparent, often reactive to internal and external factors, like emotions, food and climate, with the emergence of more or less diffuse redness, accompanied with discomfort.
These are skins with complexion’s uniformity changes.

A full and complete line for reactive skins with permanent or temporary redness.
A problem within the blood vessels is normally in the origin of the various types of redness.
UV rays, pollution, diet and stress may damege the skin’s microcirculation.
This continued deterioration weakens the vessel walls. The skin reacts igniting.

The Rosaliac line can decrease the reactivity of vessels, its expansion and consequent redness, besides providing moisturizing and comfort to the skin.
Neutralizes redness and strengthens the skin on a daily basis.



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