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Isdin – Lambdapil anti-hair loss treatment lotion for women/men 20x3ml





Lambdapil anti-hair loss lotion

During the process of excessive hair loss, growth phase of the cycle decreases and becomes more rapidly and prematurely fall to the stage, may even result in lack of hair – alopecia.

◤?Androgenetic alopecia or pattern baldness?

Common alopecia is caused by male hormones and hereditary background, which act on hair follicles causing their progressive miniaturisation until atrophy occurs.

Diffuse Alopecia or telogen effluvium?

Sudden loss of hair in the growth phase, which prematurely moves on to the hair loss phase. It lasts for 3 to 6 months and completely recovers. It can be caused by stress, nutritional deficiencies, childbirth…

Lambdapil anti-hair loss lotion has the first patented formula with 3 active ingredients that act creating a microenvironment protector of the hair follicle.

In just three months the hair becomes thicker, stronger and healthier, thus recovering its vitality!

The first hair growth treatment with melatonin, a patented molecule that creates a microenvironment that protects the hair follicle, revitalizing the hair bulb, acting as a potent antioxidant that promotes the growth of new hair and reduces the phase of decline.

Activates the hair follicle, improving nutrient’s intake thanks to the Gingko biloba.

Nourishes and strengthens, increasing the thickness of the hair due to its content of Biotin.

Unlike other lotions, it leaves no greasy residue and acts like a dry shampoo!

The hair becomes free from oil and with a perfect finish without getting entangled or sticky.

Its exclusive Swiss applicator applies the product drop to drop in convenient and accurate way.



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