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Gold Nutrition – Slim shake chocolate flavor 400g




To prevent the loss of muscle mass that arises from weight loss diets, Gold Nutrition developed the Slim Shake, a protein beverage that promotes a healthy weight loss.

To avoid muscle degradation and sagging, increasing lean mass and fat loss

The protein found in this formula is derived from the three best protein sources: the egg albuminwhey (milk) and soy; that are easily absorbed and digested. In addition, this shake also contains inulin, a fibre with a prebiotic effect, which helps to regulate intestinal function and increase the feeling of satiety.

To enrich it’s formula, this supplement contains collagen hydrolysate, a precursor of collagen, which is one of the most abundant proteins in the body and enters the constitution of all tissues from our body, such as muscle and skin; helping to strengthen them, and avoiding the appearance of sagging, stretch marks and cellulite.


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