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Foreo – Ufo 2 smart facial mask treatment device | pearl pink 1unit




A fantastic skin in just 90 seconds with UFO 2,now with full spectrum LED light!

Spoil your skin in just 90 seconds!

Revamped, its technology includes full spectrum LED light, even faster thermotherapy allowing immediate penetrating the essence into the skin for optimal and effective results.

  • Warming Thermotherapy
    UFO 2 heats up to 45ºC, to open pores for a faster penetration of the mask essence into the skin for  higher efficacy in less time.
  • Cooling cryotherapy
    Exclusively in UFO models (not available in mini UFO), Cryotherapy provides cooling up to 5ºC to reduce the appearance of pores and provide a firmer complexion. It is no longer necessary put the beauty products in the freeze, with a simple touch, UFO refreshes and reinvigorates the skin.
  • T-SONIC pulses
    They offer a relaxing massage that softens and enhances the luminosity of the skin.

UFO allows the use of the power of LED light therapy at home, with 8 different LED lights that gives a visibly rejuvenated, revitalized and refreshed appearance.

For exclusive use with UFO masks.

Rechargeable via USB, lightweight and portable – so you can enjoy the UFO experience anywhere.

Automatically synchronizes the pre-program routines of the masks activated with the device, allowing custom treatment routines to be created.

100% waterproof, with integrated timer to indicate the end of each treatment.


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