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Endocare – Anti-aging intensive regeneration ampoules 7ampoules x 1ml





Regenerate and moisturize your skin…

Endocare ampoules Flash Repair are formulated with:

  • high concentrations of SCA Bio Repair technology that provides high regenerative capacity and an intensive reparative treatment of cutaneous photoaging;
  • anti-oxidant and moisturizing components with high firming activity, as Tensderm (with active phytoestrogens and calcium).

Results? Wrinkles are softened and skin’s vitality restored.

It has a flash effect that minimizes signs of fatigue, improving luminosity and skin tone.

These ampoules are indicated in situations where an intensive regeneration is required (like skin photoaging), or an anti-wrinkles and firming intense action.

With a SCA Biorepair Technology Index of 40 for a high skin repair. 


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