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Doriance – Self tanning suplement 30 capsules





Doriance Self Tanning is a dietary supplement with clinically proven effectiveness.

The studies revealed, at the end of 6 weeks, an increase of 22% coloring in more than one area of the body exposed to the sun (ex: the inner side of the arms), and show up to 92% of the skin more hydrated.

However, the treatment should be taken during at least 3 months in order to obtain satisfactory results, but it can be extended throughout the year.

A natural, harmonious and uniform tan throughout the body without sun exposure, whatever the season!

Is the ideal solution for two situations:

  • A ‘normal’ skin wishing to acquire a natural tan throughout the body, at any time of the year, without requiring full sun exposure;
  • And for a sensitive skin, subjected to allergies or with a tendency to acquire stains, whose sun exposure is limited.

Doriance Self Tanning has Fitopigments from the carotenoids family, which have different pigmentations, allowing to obtain a beautiful and uniform tan.

It also associates Borage Oil, which increments the hydrolipidic film protecting the skin and giving it a healthy look.

An innovative and patented active: Dry extract of Gardenia rich in crocin.

For a tanned skin look all year round, the association of the treatments Doriance self tanning and Doriance Solar is ideal.

Solar Doriance to prepare and protect your skin during the summer, and Doriance Self-tanner during winter, for that healthy tan.


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