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Compeed – Total care invisible cold sore patch 15 units


Compeed – Invisible Cold Sore Patch



Say goodby to cold sores …

For herpes labialis episodes treatment, the Compeed developed specific patches. Its application can be started when the first signal of a new episode rise (typically, it is a feeling of itching around the mouth) and until the end of it with the complete healing of the wound.

It is an invisible patch, ultra-discreet, ideal for daily use!
Ready to kiss and be kissed.

Keep herpes out of sight and out of your thinking. Its revolutionary ingredients, the ultra-thin hydrocolloid-075, relieves itching, while treats the lesion.

The patch covers and seals the herpes symptoms by attacking all stages of herpes labialis outbreak:

    • Soothes burning and itching;
    • Contributes to faster healing;
    • Prevents infection and secondary infection, making it ideal, p.e., for those who deal with children.


However, some cares must always be followed in order to prevent infection in healthy zones:

  • Wash your hands before making the application. The patch should be applied on clean and dry skin.
  • Do not use in combination with a cream/ointment as it may not stick to the skin.
  • Follow the instructions provided with the product.

Applied through an applicator in the shape of butterfly and anti-tap drawing (patented), the Compeed® Cold Sore Patch ends with any risk of infection associated with touching on the wound.
The patch is applied directly to the wound. Thus, it constitutes a protection against contamination sources, avoiding the spread of the virus.

The application period of a patch is, on average, approximately 12 hours. However, this may vary depending on the cases.
If the patch stays in place, there is no need to remove and replace.

When the patch is beginning to take off the skin, it should be removed and replaced.
For easy removal, pull the patch smoothly in a parallel motion to the skin.


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