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Compeed – Bunion protectors patches 5 units





For immediate relief of pressure and friction.

Bunions are a bony inflammation on the outside of the big toe. Very painful, its treatment can sometimes undergo surgery.
Women are the most affected by this scourge: hereditary or due to improper use of shoes that squeeze your toes.

Besides pain, swelling, and foot deformation, redness is also one of the characteristics of this problem.

Such patches are made of a special material in soft gel that forms a protective pad…

… allowing optimal protection of bunion against pressure and friction and immediate pain relief.

Give a break to pain and  your bunions, use Compeed Bunions.

Do not be use it in people with diabetes or circulatory problems.
Not expose it at a temp. above 25 ° C.
Keep it out of reach of children. External use.


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