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Collistar – Bust pure actives collagen and hyaluronic acid bust 50ml




A valuable and clear emulsion, with an extraordinary texture of rapid penetration into the skin, that acts as an invisible cosmetic bra and wraps the surface of the skin like a film, to maintain and enhance the beauty of the bust area with a specific and intensive action!!!

Bust pure actives has in its formulation collagen + hyaluronic acid: two precious active ingredients used in aesthetic medicine, available in its purest form and in optimum concentrations to ensure total effectiveness, visible effects and exceptional safety!

  • Immediate lifting and filler effect
  • Progressive firmness and toning action
  • Reduction of flaccidity and stretch marks

Firmer and beautiful bust!!

Collagen, a natural support system for the skin, helps make the bust tissue firmer and more compact, fighting the loss of tone and elasticity of the skin, avoiding sagging and stretch marks.

Hyaluronic acid, super-moisturizing skin, helps keep the bust firm and smooth with three different actions:
• raises the surface of the skin (high molecular weight hyaluronic acid)
• makes the dermal-epidermal junction (medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid)
• stimulates the metabolism of skin cells in depth (low molecular weight hyaluronic acid).


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